Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Flickr #253 its time for a new year

its time for a new year
Originally uploaded by Deego
To Flickr on 30th December, 2009
My last upload of the year......, Its been very hectic few months and I have not been shooting much. I have become a grandad again (3rd time this year lol) and my first grandson decided to come 7 weeks early (4lb 6oz) so there was lots of weekend hospital visits and not much photography time. At least he was home in time for Christmas.

The watch is a Luminox Navy SEAL Dive watch with Tritium (H3 radioactive isotope) Hands and Markers, Swiss movment, Water resistant to 200 mtrs, 40mm dia Black fiberglass reinforced polyester injection molded case and yes..... its bright yellow...


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